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ALUMNI IN Publishing, along with its editors, is deeply committed to ethical practices in academic publishing. This summary outlines the core guidelines of our research and publishing ethics. Foremost, we emphasize the importance of data integrity, strictly denouncing any form of data fabrication or manipulation. We rigorously adhere to redundant publication principles, prohibiting simultaneous submissions to multiple journals. Regarding image or figure manipulation, we adopt a policy of minimal intervention, allowing only adjustments that do not alter data interpretation. Proper attribution and citation of prior works are crucial for maintaining academic transparency. Moreover, declaring all conflicts of interest, whether by authors, reviewers, or editors, is imperative. We have implemented a robust grievance procedure to ensure that ethical concerns are addressed fairly and efficiently. Furthermore, we follow COPE guidelines, ensuring the protection of authors' moral rights and the integrity of the editorial process. Our commitment to these ethical practices ensures the credibility and integrity of the research published under the auspices of ALUMNI IN Publishing.

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