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Ethics in Publishing: Practices and Guidelines at ALUMNI IN Publishing




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ALUMNI IN Publishing, along with its editors, is deeply committed to ethical practices in academic publishing. This summary outlines the core guidelines of our research and publishing ethics. Foremost, we emphasize the importance of data integrity, strictly denouncing any form of data fabrication or manipulation. We rigorously adhere to redundant publication principles, prohibiting simultaneous submissions to multiple journals. Regarding image or figure manipulation, we adopt a policy of minimal intervention, allowing only adjustments that do not alter data interpretation. Proper attribution and citation of prior works are crucial for maintaining academic transparency. Moreover, declaring all conflicts of interest, whether by authors, reviewers, or editors, is imperative. We have implemented a robust grievance procedure to ensure that ethical concerns are addressed fairly and efficiently. Furthermore, we follow COPE guidelines, ensuring the protection of authors' moral rights and the integrity of the editorial process. Our commitment to these ethical practices ensures the credibility and integrity of the research published under the auspices of ALUMNI IN Publishing.


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Biografia do Autor

Altieres de Oliveira Silva, Editora Alumni in, São Paulo

I am Phd student in Business law by ÂNIMA University. Master Degree in International Business at ESPM/SP. My eleven years’ experience as an Editorial Assistant at University Nove de Julho (UNINOVE) have equipped me with the skills outlined in your job requirements. I have considerable experience with Open Journal System (OJS), like management of peer-reviewed academic journals; editorial management workflow; including article submission; multiple rounds of peer-review; setup and configuration of the OJS journal; plugins; creation and manage publication schedules; protocols; journal sections; issues, and archives.

Also I´ve advised some scientific editors with standard (details): policies, guidelines, copyrights and indexing, publishing roles including editors, section editors, authors and reviewers, online submission and management of content – articles, abstracts, obtaining journal ISSN; obtaining Journal Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs); DOIs integration into OJS; DOIs deposit and reference linking to Crossref; metrics and Scholarly Databases; Deposit or to inclusion in internationally recognized indexes and databases (Redalyc, Ebsco host, Doaj, Gale, Proquest, Latindex, Dialnet, Google Scholar, Erihplus, Redib, Clase, Scopus, Scielo Brazil and Cabell´s Directories) files and more.

Diego dos Santos Janes, Editora Alumni in, São Paulo

"I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from UNINOVE, and I am an expert in Open Access Scientific Publications, specializing in Scientific Communication and Editorial Management. Additionally, I have a specialization in Corporate Governance, which complements my knowledge and skills in the realm of business and organizational management. With a focus on promoting accessibility to scientific knowledge and effective editorial practices, my academic background equips me with a comprehensive understanding of both business administration and scholarly publication processes."


Silva, A.d.O. and Avrichir, I. (2023), "Decoupling institutional pressure: how and why academic journals do it", International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Silva, A. de O., & Janes , D. dos S. (2023). Revista Journal of Lifestyle and Sdg’s Review adota Selos de Transparência para a Promoção da Ciência Aberta. Life Style, 10(00), e01565.

SILVA, A. de O.; JANES, D. dos S. Criação dos Selos OPS Brazil: Cultivando a integridade e a transparência na pesquisa científica em conformidade com a ciência aberta. Open Science BrazilSão Paulo (SP), 2022. DOI: 10.37497/opsbrazil.2. Disponível em: Acesso em: 25 jul. 2023. DOI:

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Silva, A. de O., & Janes, D. dos S. (2023). Ethics in Publishing: Practices and Guidelines at ALUMNI IN Publishing. In Open Science Brazil.