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Academic Literature on Compliance Programs, ESG, Corporate Governance, Fraud Prevention, Human Rights, Corruption, Data Protection, and SDGs


  • Journal of Law and Corruption Review ALUMNI IN



Compliance programs, ESG, Corporate governance, Fraud prevention, Human rights, Corruption, Data protection, SDGs


This academic summary provides an overview of key themes in recent open-access articles pertaining to compliance programs, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, corporate governance, fraud prevention, human rights, corruption, data protection, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set forth by the United Nations. Scholars have extensively explored the significance of compliance programs in organizations, evaluating their role in ensuring ethical practices, legal adherence, and risk mitigation. Additionally, research has focused on the adoption and impact of ESG strategies, addressing their influence on corporate decision-making, sustainability, and stakeholder engagement. Corporate governance remains a vital area of investigation, investigating board structures, executive compensation, and the effectiveness of governance mechanisms in enhancing firm performance and accountability. Simultaneously, efforts to combat fraud and corruption have led to analyses of fraud detection techniques, whistleblowing systems, and anti-corruption measures. The literature also highlights the evolving landscape of data protection, emphasizing regulatory developments, privacy frameworks, and organizational responsibilities in safeguarding data. Furthermore, there is a growing emphasis on the integration of human rights principles into business practices, exploring the implications of human rights violations and strategies for promoting responsible corporate behavior. Lastly, articles have explored the alignment of corporate practices with the SDGs, examining businesses' contributions to global sustainability goals.


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Journal of Law and Corruption Review, ALUMNI IN



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